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Jamie T.

“…all while building fun into the session…”

Jamie has been working with my child since the beginning of summer on reading/comprehension and touch math. Her ability to work with children is extraordinary. I am so impressed with her ability to keep on task, redirect, and handle any unwanted behaviors. My child went from hating math to loving it! She goes above and beyond to build confidence in the child all while building fun into the session with games. She provides parents with activities to re-mediate on their own! She’s a blessing!

Kara F.

“She’s the best!!!”

Jamie has been working with my son for the past few months. I’ve never seen him so confident before about his math and reading skills. She’s the best!!!

Stacie B.

“Her multisensory approach is working wonders.”

We are so grateful for the services provided by Jamie the Tutor. My daughter is thriving under her tutelage. Her multisensory approach is working wonders. Additionally, because of Lisa Priest’s knowledge and expertise as a child advocate, my daughter is being provided everything she needs to be successful in the public school system. Lisa Priest works tirelessly and passionately to make sure every child receives what is fair and appropriate.

Stacey B.

“…help fight for the services my daughter deserves…”

I cannot begin to say enough amazing things about both Jamie Blatt and her sister Lisa Priest. Jamie has been working with my daughter for just a few months now, and the growth and progress we have seen is remarkable. My daughter loves and looks forward to her tutoring sessions. Lisa has been working tirelessly as my advocate to help fight for the services my daughter deserves in school, and my daughter, thanks to Lisa, got everything she needed! Without Lisa’s expertise and hard work, this would have never happened! I highly recommend Jamie for tutoring and Lisa if you need a parent advocate to fight for what your child needs in school.

Katrina S.

“We did it! We sure did it!!!!!”

Throughout the entire experience which has been 1 year with my daughter and obtaining an IEP for her, Lisa has directed me in the right direction. She has kept my nerves at a minimum with her words of love and compassion while keeping my spirits up and keeping a winning spirit. Lisa is outstanding with her knowledge of the laws, regulations and special niches within the system that can help us as parents rather than being a hindrance. Thank you, Lisa, for all you have done for me and the family! I so appreciate your knowledge, your compassion and your empathy for my daughter and your fight for knowing what is right in the world of Special Education. We did it! We sure did it!!!!!

Kim M.

“… able to help our son to obtain eligibility…”

Jamie was recommended to us by a friend who uses her. My 7 yr old son had been struggling for quite some time, first with letter recognition and letter sounds, then beginning to read. Jamie did an extensive assessment and was able to help us learn what was going on with our child. Our son has dyslexia and needed a multi sensory reading program in order to learn how to read. Together with her sister Lisa whom is a parent advocate, they guided us through the RTI process in the public school system and eventually together they were able to help our son to obtain eligibility for an IEP as well as obtain a multi sensory reading program at our elementary school. With out the help of both Jamie and Lisa, I think we would still be struggling to receive the help our son needed through the public school system.Our child is very lucky to have ended up in these ladies qualified hands. We are excited as we watch our son start to enjoy school! To feel accomplished and catching up to his peers. It is amazing to watch him blossom! I cannot thank Jamie and Lisa enough for all they have done for our son and family.

Jessica S.

"…able to fill in all of the gaps in my child’s phonics…”

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing Jamie and her sister Lisa are!! I found Jamie after years of my daughter resisting ANY tutor. I knew that my daughter had a reading comprehension issue, but school testing was taking too long and since she was going to be tested by the school, paying a psychiatrist $3,000 didn’t seem necessary. Well, Jamie did her own extensive testing and totally pinpointed my daughters comprehension issue!!! In about 20 tutoring sessions(and we are not stopping) Jamie has been able to fill in all of the gaps in my child’s phonics and really help her become a better reader in just a few months. She is an amazing tutor and my daughter absolutely adores her!! Lisa I have known for many years. My daughter started to struggle and I turned to her teacher who put her in RTI last year. Many many months pass And after I left an RTI meeting last year I just had a feeling that my daughters “amazing Parkland school” was not doing something right. I cannot get into too many details but let me just say, I am here now less than a year later and thanks to Lisa my daughter is now receiving services from the district that she should have got a year ago. I regret not calling Lisa earlier. I will NOT go to a meeting without her as she is AMAZING at what she does. The point of all this is my daughter!! And I cannot thank Jamie and Lisa enough!!! I am happy to say my daughter is doing great in school again and happy!!!

Kler R.

“…tremendous academic growth in both of my sons.”

I am so thrilled with the services provided at Jamie The Tutor. I have seen tremendous academic growth in both of my sons. They are being taught in a style that works best for them, while having so much fun. They have become more motivated and engaged in their learning. I highly recommend using this tutoring service. I have used other companies and they do not compare to the wonderful techniques provided by Jamie The Tutor.

Magaly P.

“…but against all odds, he did it !!”

When Jamie started to tutor my son, he was in Pre-K reading level. In just 7 months, my son jumped to 2nd grade reading level, surprising his school teachers and others who believed this kind of progress was not possible … but against all odds, he did it !! I don’t have words to express how grateful I am to Jamie, who not only provided my son the technics to succeed, but always believed he could ♡♡ I look forward to keep working with Jamie, and watch the amazing and unstoppable progress my son will be making ? Every kid learns differently that’s why multisensory education works !! Thanks Jamie !! We love you !! ?

Jamie Z.

“…because she is tailoring to your child’s needs…”

Jamie is amazing! She firsts does an extensive assessment to see where your child is at and customizes the sessions to your child’s needs. She makes learning fun. She is different than all the other tutors because she is tailoring to your child’s needs. My fifth grader is thriving because of her. She also is excited about reading. She is reading all the time. Before I couldn’t get her to pick up a book.  My daughter enjoys the sessions. Jamie gives her the tools she needs to help her succeed. We are very impressed!

Glen R.

“…he had made a Quantum Leap in his ability…”

Jamie was referred to us by my brother. Jamie had tutored his 6 and 9 year old kids and he was raving about their results. Our older son Ethan was 5 when we started with Jamie. He was not enjoying reading and in fact was resisting it as much as possible. My wife and I were frustrated, Ethan was frustrated, it wasn’t good. Jamie came and within one private lesson, she assessed his skills and immediately diagnosed the problem. Ethan did not fully comprehend the correct sounds of vowels and certain letters and consequently reading was a very frustrating experience for him. From that point Jamie gave us very specific and relatively simple exercises to work on with him that would correct the deficiencies that was holding him back. Within two weeks he had made a Quantum Leap in his ability to read that truly blew me away. We are grateful that we were introduced to Jamie and especially at the particular time we were because had she not recognized his challenges it’s certainly would have had a very strong and Lasting negative impact on his ability to read and his attitude towards reading for a long time.

Ingrid M.

“…knowledge and professionalism…”

When our sons elementary school informed us that he was “going to fail 2nd grade” and that we had one month to get him up to the appropriate reading level, we were pointed in the direction of Mrs. Lisa Priest. We had Mrs Priest serve as our family advocate to battle, yes, it was a BATTLE to ensure our son was getting the education he deserves. He has several learning deficiencies and the school was content on holding him back a year instead providing the proper assistance to ensure his success. Mrs. Priests’ knowledge and professionalism was beyond anything we could have imagined. Not only did our son PASS second grade, but he will be given the attention a child with his needs deserves. Mrs. Priest has been amazing and if anyone feels like they need an advocate to represent their child, Mrs. Priest is THE BEST. Thank you so much.

Kendra F.

“With Jamie the Tutor, you are in good hands.”

I just want to say that Jamie and Lisa from “Jamie the Tutor” were instrumental in helping us get our daughter some of the educational services she needs. Jamie did testing for us which helped us isolate some of the challenges our daughter had. Lisa gave us advice and direction on how we should proceed to make sure our daughter’s needs were served. With Jamie the Tutor, you are in good hands. I cannot recommend them enough and I am so grateful for the ways they helped our daughter.

Susan O.

“…finally getting the help she has needed…”

A huge THANK YOU to Lisa Priest and Jamie the Tutor!!!!!!!! To make a long story not so long, I hired Lisa after another mom referred me to her. We were working with another advocate but after one conversation with Lisa, I knew we needed her on board to help my daughter. After Lisa reviewed my daughter’s school records and Jamie the Tutor administered an assessment on my daughter, we called for an interim IEP meeting. We walked out of the meeting with my daughter’s IEP five pages longer full of services and accommodations which my daughter needs. Most notably, the school is implementing the Wilson Reading Program and it will be administered to my daughter 5 days per week for 55 min per day (in place of her elective)!!! The school did not have the program, but due to Lisa’s hard work and expertise, they have sent a teacher for certification and starting next week she will receive the Wilson. I can honestly say that Lisa and Jamie have been an answer to my prayers! After a lot of confusion and not knowing what to do to help my child, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my daughter is finally getting the help she has needed for so long!

Monica A.

“You’re the best tutor ever!”

I highly recommend having your children work with Jamie. She is patient, encouraging and incorporates the Orton-Gillingham method into her tutoring. My son was struggling with reading and was barely able to move to the next grade when he was in elementary school. We had worked with several different tutors and they has helped a little, but my son was barely getting by during his first two years of school. Then we started using Jamie! Her methods are much more comprehensive as compared to standard tutoring. My son quickly gained confidence and has become a stronger reader. In fact, I was so impressed by what Jamie was teaching my son, I had my daughter, who was already a stellar student, work with Jamie too. Jamie is very patient. When Jamie first started working with my son, he was in tears when his sessions started. Now, he is in tears if he doesn’t meet with Jamie! My son has made an amazing transformation. He went from hating reading and writing to loving them both. I’m proud to announce that his favorite subject in school is now writing. He will often ask me if he can stay up past his bedtime to continue reading or to finish a current book. Additionally, on our most recent parent-teacher conference, the teacher commented that my son uses methods that Jamie has taught him to decipher more difficult words when he is reading. My sons tells Jamie all the time, “You’re the best tutor ever!”

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