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April 17, 2024

Autism Awareness

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that affects how a person perceives and interacts with the world. Every individual with ASD experiences autism differently, but some common characteristics include: Difficulties with social interaction and communication Repetitive behaviors and restricted interests Sensory sensitivities Importance of Autism Awareness Raising awareness about autism is crucial for several reasons: Acceptance and Inclusion: Increased awareness helps create a more accepting and inclusive environment for individuals with autism. Early Diagnosis […]
March 20, 2024
the science of reading for children with special needs

National Reading Month: Understanding The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading is a game-changer in education, providing a research-based roadmap for effective reading instruction. Here’s why it’s crucial for reading development: Evidence-Based Approach: The Science of Reading isn’t based on hunches or fads, but on a robust body of research from linguistics, cognitive science, and neuroscience. This knowledge helps educators understand how children acquire literacy skills and identify effective teaching methods. Decoding Skills: The Science of Reading emphasizes the importance of explicit […]
February 6, 2024

Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies for Students with Language Deficits

Reading comprehension difficulties can be a significant challenge for students with language deficits. These difficulties can stem from various factors, including impairments in vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and processing speed. However, there are several effective strategies that can be used to help students with language deficits improve their reading comprehension. Here are some of the most effective reading comprehension strategies for students with language deficits: Explicit instruction: Provide direct instruction on the specific reading skills that […]
January 9, 2024

Bridging the Gap: Written Expression and Learning Disabilities

The power of written expression is undeniable. It allows us to share our thoughts, ideas, and emotions, forge connections, and leave our mark on the world. Yet, for students with learning disabilities, the path to written fluency can be riddled with obstacles. Understanding the Challenges: Learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD can impact various aspects of written expression, including: Handwriting: Difficulty forming letters, poor fine motor skills, and inconsistent pressure can lead to messy or illegible handwriting. […]
December 12, 2023

Holiday Learning Activities: Make the Most of Your Winter Break!

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and relaxation. But they can also be a great opportunity to keep your child’s learning momentum going. By incorporating some fun and engaging activities into your holiday schedule, you can help your child stay on track academically and avoid the dreaded “winter slowdown.” Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Be Positive: Winter can be a challenging time for many children, with shorter days and […]
October 19, 2023

The Importance of Mentorship in Children

Mentorship is a powerful relationship between a more experienced adult and a younger person where the mentor provides guidance, support, and encouragement. Mentoring can have a profound impact on children’s lives, helping them to develop their full potential and achieve their goals. Benefits of mentorship for children There are many benefits to mentorship for children, including: How to find a mentor for your child There are many ways to find a mentor for your child. […]
October 19, 2023

Dyslexic Thinkers

Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the way a person reads and writes. It is caused by a difference in the way the brain processes language. Strengths of Dyslexic Thinkers People with dyslexia often have unique strengths and talents. They may be strong visual thinkers, creative problem solvers, and good at seeing the big picture. Here are some of the strengths of dyslexic thinkers: Supporting Dyslexic Thinkers There are many ways to support dyslexic […]
September 13, 2023
early intervention services

Early Intervention Services

Early intervention is a set of services that are designed to help children who are at risk of or have developmental delays or disabilities. These services can help children reach their full potential and learn and grow in all areas of development, including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional. Early intervention services are available to children from birth to age 3. They are typically provided by a team of professionals, such as early childhood educators, speech-language […]
August 7, 2023

A Guide to Developmental Disabilities

What Are Developmental Disabilities in Children? Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions that can affect a child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development. These conditions can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, prenatal exposure to toxins, and premature birth. Some of the most common developmental disabilities in children include: What are the signs of a developmental disability in a child? There are a number of signs that a child may have a […]
June 15, 2023
summer activities

Summer Activities to Keep Your Learner Engaged

Summer learning activities are important for young children for a number of reasons. First, they can help to prevent summer learning loss. Summer learning loss is the decline in academic skills that can occur when children are not in school for an extended period of time. This can be especially problematic for children from low-income families, who are more likely to experience summer learning loss. Second, summer learning activities can help children to develop new […]
May 21, 2023

A Guide to Auditory Processing Disorder

What is Auditory Processing Disorder? Auditory processing disorder is a disorder of the hearing system that causes a disruption in the way an individual’s brain understands what they are hearing. Auditory processing disorder affects the ability to understand speech. It affects the way the brain processes sound, making it challenging to communicate and learn. What are the Types of Auditory Processing Disorders? Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder According to, here is a list of […]
April 12, 2023

An Overview of Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

Language disorders occur when a person has trouble sharing ideas, feelings orally, or in writing, as well as trouble understanding other people’s spoken or written language. What is an expressive language disorder? An expressive language disorder is an impairment in the ability to express what needs to be said. A child may struggle with putting a series of words together into an intelligible sentence, they may struggle telling a story or learning and using new […]
March 14, 2023
dyspraxia in children

A Quick Look at Dyspraxia in Children

What is Dyspraxia? Dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder (DCD), is a neurodevelopmental condition that begins in childhood and causes difficulty with fine motor and gross motor skills, motor planning and coordination. Children with dyspraxia may find it challenging to write, fasten buttons, play sports or ride a bicycle. Signs and Symptoms of Dyspraxia in Children According to the in an article titled Dyspraxia: What It Is, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment, here is a […]
February 16, 2023

An Understanding of Phonological Awareness

What is Phonological Awareness? Phonological awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate sounds in spoken language. It is a broad skill that encompasses rhyming, alliteration, syllables, onset & rime, phonemic awareness. Phonological awareness focuses on sounds and not written letters. Phonological awareness is crucial to reading development and is the base for all other reading skills. Phonological skills involve manipulating sounds in many ways including: Blending sounds are the easiest for students to […]
January 17, 2023
dyscalculia and multisensory tutoring

Dyscalculia: Understanding Difficulties with Math

What is Dyscalculia? Dyscalculia is a brain-based math learning disorder that impairs a person’s ability to learn number-related concepts, perform accurate math calculations, reason and problem solve, and perform other basic math tasks. Difficulty with math happens at all levels from learning addition to algebra. Also, dyscalculia can make it hard to complete everyday tasks. Dyscalculia is not as well known or understood as dyslexia, but it is estimated that 5 to 10 percent of […]
December 14, 2022

5 Tips for the Winter Slowdown

It’s almost that time of year to bundle up, get cozy and enjoy all the beauty winter has to offer. There are many activities and practices that students can do to ensure they have a successful, focused, and productive winter. As wintertime is approaching, we wanted to share 5 tips on how to stay motivated during the winter slowdown season. Our 5 Tips for the Winter Slowdown: By practicing many of these activities, you are […]
November 9, 2022

All About Dysgraphia

What is dysgraphia? Dysgraphia is a brain-based neurological disorder that affects writing abilities and fine motor skills. Dysgraphia presents challenges with skills such as handwriting, typing, and spelling. People with dysgraphia may write at a slower pace or have a hard time with spelling as it is challenging for them to form letters when writing. They may also have difficulties with legibility, word spacing, and expression. Signs of dysgraphia One of the most major signs […]
October 20, 2022
Structured literacy

Structured Literacy: Language is Key

What is Structured Literacy? Structured Literacy approaches are highly explicit and systematic, teaching all components of literacy. These components include foundational skills as well as higher order literacy skills. Structured literacy approaches also emphasize oral language skills that are necessary for literacy development. Targeted Components of Structured Literacy Programs: Decoding Encoding Reading comprehension Written expression Oral language Language is Key Structured literacy programs can effectively remediate reading and spelling deficiencies. Most reading disorders originate with […]
August 30, 2022
Homeschool support

Featured Topic: Homeschool Support

Homeschool Support allows homeschool families, whether new or experienced, an opportunity to have additional professional instruction delivered from an expert teacher to enrich and enhance any homeschooler’s life. This is different from both a dedicated teacher or an off-the-shelf curriculum. With this service, your child or pod can be taught directly, live, by the same teacher on a schedule that works for you! Certified teachers work in concert with your homeschool plan or create a […]
August 16, 2022
Miss Jess and Zofia on Multisensory Reading

Zofia’s Sensory Spin

Every one of our students has something wonderful to share with the world. Zofia is one of those students! If you don’t know who Zofia is, Zofia is one of our wonderful students at Jamie the Tutor who happens to have her own Youtube channel! That’s right, Zofia is a Youtube star! She is an entrepreneur, actress, and public speaker. She is a hard worker and has broken so many barriers in her life, that […]
July 12, 2022
back to school advice

Back to School Prep

School is going to be back in session in a couple of weeks and now is the time to start preparing for another school year ahead. Even though our days are longer with the sun shining upon us, we need to start moving into school mode to be prepared on time. Six Tips for Preparing your Child for Back to School We have made a list of 6 wonderful tips to ensure a smooth and […]
June 2, 2022

Summer, Sun, & Reading Fun Summer Reading List

Hello Summer! Summer is always a good time to dive into a great book. If you plan to lay out in the sun, whether you’re at the pool or the beach, grabbing your favorite book is such a relaxing way to spend some of your time. What’s even better?! Get your child to grab a book so you both can experience a world of imagination together. Lots and lots of reading is truly the only […]
May 22, 2022

Fun Summer Activities

Oh, how we love that summer, summertime! After a long school year, summer should be filled with lots of fun and adventure. Relax by the pool or beach with a good book in hand, spend quality time as a family, go on adventures, and swim through those salty waves. While summer is supposed to be the time for kids to wind down, it’s important not to forget that they should still be learning and practicing […]
March 8, 2022

Developmental Disabilities: A Primer

Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions that impact the development of children and can be caused by many factors including medical conditions, environmental factors, and genetics. These disabilities are often present in infancy or early childhood but may not be identified until they impact daily activities. They are impairments in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. The 7 main developmental disabilities are as follows: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Cerebral […]
December 30, 2021

Advocating For Your Child During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Does advocating for your child during the Covid-19 pandemic feel like an insurmountable task? Has your child’s school been failing to provide what your child needs to be successful? Have you felt stressed out as a parent not knowing where to turn? If this is the case, we have some helpful tips that may help you be a better advocate for your child during these difficult times. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act also known […]
December 15, 2021

Holiday Learning Activities

It’s the time of year to spread joy and to slow down and spend time with those closest to you. Winter Break is here and there are many fun holiday activities that you can do with your children while they are out of school. We have compiled a list of our favorite activities that will sure bring laughter and happiness to your family. Holiday Baking to Develop Math Skills: Many of us love spending time […]
October 13, 2021

ADHD & Executive Functioning

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a biological-based disorder and a developmental impairment of executive functions. Most people with ADHD will experience many areas of executive function impairment, although people without ADHD can have executive dysfunction as well. Executive functioning disorder (EFD) is a brain-based impairment that causes issues with analyzing, planning, organizing, scheduling, or completing tasks at all. Children and adults with EFD have issues organizing materials, setting schedules, often misplace papers, reports, or school items. […]
September 30, 2021

Dyslexia Awareness

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, almost 9 out of 10 high school dropouts were struggling readers in third grade. In addition, the National Assessment of Adult Literacy describes that 7 out of 10 prison inmates cannot read above a fourth-grade level. Jamie The Tutor believes that by giving children access to Orton-Gillingham based programming from early childhood and beyond, they will become proficient in reading and illiteracy can be solved. She has seen […]
September 12, 2021

Music and Learning

Music offers incredible cognitive benefits. In fact, according to some studies, it’s the only activity that can actually increase a child’s IQ if done frequently before the age of seven. Babies are tuned in to music from birth: simply hearing a song activates a variety of brain centers, including memory, language, spatial reasoning, and listening. Toddlers are at an ideal age to begin learning about rhythm. Encourage children to clap, tap their feet, or move […]
August 19, 2021
Back to school safety

Back to School Safety

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges you have dealt with is how to let your child safely be a child during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many school districts offering in-person classes in August, you now face the question of how to keep your child safe in the classroom, especially as the more infectious Delta variant continues to increase COVID-19 cases. As you prepare for your child’s return to class, you can be sure […]
July 28, 2021

19 Back To School Essentials for 2021

Back to school shopping can be fun and exciting or it can be a little painful. The trick to making it go well is having a list and throwing in some style along the way. You can use this list and these links as a starting point for all of your back to school shopping needs! 2021 Back to School List: A Well-Fitting Backpack: Hot Selling Backpacks Comfortable Facemasks: Best Selling Kids Facemasks Clorox Wipes: […]
July 18, 2021

TouchMath: Multisensory Mathematics

TouchMath is a multi-sensory program that uses its signature TouchPoints to engage students of all skills and learning styles. TouchMath has been proven to raise math test scores in classrooms around the world for more than three decades. TouchPointsThe TouchMath secret is simple. In fact, it can be summed up in one word: TouchPoints. Every number from 1 to 9 has TouchPoints corresponding to the value of the digit: Numbers 1 to 5 have single […]
July 9, 2021

Knowledge is Power

The phrase “scientia potentia est” is a Latin motto which means “knowledge is power”. It is usually attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, although it is not known that this exact phrase appears in Bacon’s English or Latin works. However, the expression “ipsa scientia potestas est” (“knowledge itself is power”) appears in Bacon’s “Imperial Decree” (1597). The exact phrase “scientia potentia est” was originally written by Thomas Hobbes in the 1668 edition of Leviathan, who was […]
June 24, 2021

Fight the Summer Slide

Summer is here and school is out, and children like to go on water slides. But there is a different slide that can cause academic difficulties, especially with children with learning disabilities. That is called the “Summer Slide” or the time the children lose from their learning. The summer slide can create a negative impact on children, in general, by breaking the rhythm of instruction which ultimately leads to forgetting. This unfortunately requires a significant […]
March 8, 2021

Anna Julia Cooper

Anna Julia Cooper was an American educator, scholar, and activist. She was born in 1858 to an enslaved woman in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her father is thought to be her mother’s white master. After the Civil War, in 1867, Anna at age nine was able to attend the Saint Augustine’s Normal School and Collegiate Institute, a coeducational school for former slaves. She began teaching mathematics part-time at the young age of ten. Anna received a […]
February 23, 2021

Dav Pilkey and “Captain Underpants”

David Murray “Dav” Pilkey  Jr., known as Dav Pilkey is an American cartoonist, author and illustrator of children’s literature.  He was born on March 4, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio.  One of Pilkey’s best known children’s book series is Captain Underpants. Pilkey was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”) and dyslexia as a child which resulted in frequent reprimands for his behavior in elementary school.  While sitting in a desk in the school hallway, Pilkey […]
February 9, 2021

Booker T. Washington: American Educator

Booker T. Washington: one of the most influential African Americans in United States History. He was known for showing that an oppressed people could advance through his concept of practical education and progressed ideals of cooperation between the races and the advance of African American commerce as a boon to all Americans. Booker Taliaferro was born in April 1856, the son of an unknown white man and a slave named Jane who was the cook […]
February 3, 2021

Famous Children’s Authors: Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is a famous children’s author known for writing 19 children’s books and six short stories.  Some of his most famous books are, The Gremlins (1943), James and the Giant Peach (1961), Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (1964), Fantastic Mr. Fox (1970), The BFG (1982), The Witches (1983) and Matilda (1988).

 Dahl was born on September 13, 1916 and died on November 23, 1990 at the age of 74.  Although a British author, he was born in Wales from immigrant Norwegian parents. Unfortunately, his father died when he was only four years old.

January 10, 2021

The Gutenberg Printing Press

Printing was first developed in China and Korea. Gutenberg did not invent the printing press but conceived the idea of a movable type utilizing three distinct technologies, which were used by humans for previous centuries. Gutenberg combined the technologies of paper, viscous oil-based ink, and the wine press to print brooks which allowed for the mass production and distribution of written work. As a result, individuals were provided access to more information. Written work was more uniform in its viewing format which led to more consistent spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
December 31, 2020
Online Home Schooling

An Alternative Way for Children to Learn Math

Singapore Math is a teaching method commenced in the 1980’s by the Singapore Ministry of Education for use for grades one through sixth. (See Brown, Hu, and Wright). The approach is more conceptual than the memory/rote learning of traditional mathematics.
October 26, 2020
Online Tutoring from Jamie The Tutor

A+ Results: Local Female Entrepreneur from Coral Springs Helping Special Needs Students Learn Locally and Across the Nation

Coral Springs-Based Jamie The Tutor Brings Sea-Change in Multi-Sensory Education with New Learning Options Coral Springs, Florida, October – Coral Springs’ own Jamie The Tutor has changed the game when it comes to multi-sensory education. In the turmoil and stress of the 2020 Lockdown, they have pivoted to offer their proven and effective multi-sensory techniques virtually to students located locally as well as around the country. Industry-leading techniques have been adapted and are offered by […]
April 7, 2020
Is your school refusing to accommodate your IEP student online?

Is your school refusing to accommodate your IEP student online?

Is your school refusing to accommodate your IEP student online
March 27, 2020
12 Museums to Visit Virtually

12 Museums to Visit Virtually

12 Museums to Visit Virtually
March 22, 2020
Special Education Funding Amid Coronavirus Scare

Special Education Funding Amid Coronavirus Scare

Special Education Funding Amid Coronavirus Scare
February 26, 2020
Dyslexie: A font designed to help people with dyslexia.

Dyslexie: A font designed to help people with dyslexia.

Dyslexie: A font designed to help people with dyslexia.
February 24, 2020
Phonics: What's old may be new again.

Phonics: What’s old may be new again.

Phonics: What's old may be new again.
September 21, 2019
Dyslexia: You Can Be a Star

Dyslexia: You Can Be a Star

Dyslexia: You Can Be a Star
September 14, 2019
From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse

From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse

From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse
September 14, 2019
Autism and Reading Comprehension

Autism and Reading Comprehension

Autism and Reading Comprehension
September 14, 2019
Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding Dyslexia

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