An Overview of Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

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An Overview of Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders

Language disorders occur when a person has trouble sharing ideas, feelings orally, or in writing, as well as trouble understanding other people’s spoken or written language.

What is an expressive language disorder?

An expressive language disorder is an impairment in the ability to express what needs to be said. A child may struggle with putting a series of words together into an intelligible sentence, they may struggle telling a story or learning and using new vocabulary words.

Signs and symptoms of expressive language disorders

  • Limited expressive vocabulary
  • Trouble with grammar
  • Trouble putting together phrases or sentences
  • Mumbling or grunting instead of using words
  • Poor ability to answer questions
  • Trouble gesturing to express wants or needs

What is a receptive language disorder?

A receptive language disorder is an impairment of the ability to understand language. A child may struggle to understand the meaning of what people are saying or they may have trouble interpreting the context of words when reading or writing.

Signs and symptoms of receptive language disorders

  • Trouble attending to shared tasks
  • Trouble understanding questions asked to them
  • Trouble following simple conversation
  • Trouble identifying names of objects
  • Trouble following directions

Expressive and receptive language disorders can exist comorbidly, and it is very common for a child to have a mixed expressive-receptive disorder.

How to Help Your Child with Expressive or Receptive Language Disorders

Early intervention is key to remediating children with expressive or receptive language disorders. There are many interventions available to help develop your child’s language skills.

Check our Lindamood-Bell® Program processes page to see the various language-based programs we offer that target receptive and expressive language deficits.

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