Holiday Learning Activities

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October 13, 2021
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December 30, 2021

Holiday Learning Activities

It’s the time of year to spread joy and to slow down and spend time with those closest to you. Winter Break is here and there are many fun holiday activities that you can do with your children while they are out of school. We have compiled a list of our favorite activities that will sure bring laughter and happiness to your family.

Holiday Baking to Develop Math Skills:

Many of us love spending time in the kitchen and baking. For all you with aspiring bakers out there, have them assist you in measuring out the ingredients. Baking can improve your child’s math skills with basic unit conversion, and it also helps build confidence. We cannot wait to find out all the delicious recipes our students had fun making!

Holiday Cards to Develop Writing Skills:

Holiday cards are always fun to make, especially if they are for family members or friends. Have your child ask a few family members or friends what they want their holiday card to say and have them write a message for each person. This will help your child learn the skills of coordinating with others, as well as improve writing skills and time management. Your child will find so much joy in creating something unique for each person that they will be motivated to do this every year!

Play a New Board Game to Develop Reading Skills:

Everyone loves a new and exciting board game, especially during the holidays. With so many options to choose from, bring your child with you to the store and pick out a new board game to play. When it comes time to gather around to play the new game, ask your child to read the instructions out loud. Be sure to help them with any tricky words and show them the support they need. Having them read throughout the game will not only aid in building fluency skills, but it will give your child more confidence in presenting.

Perform a Play to Develop Art Skills:

Who doesn’t love acting and drama! We love anything and everything that is creative. If you have guests arriving during the break, have your child prepare for a big performance. Have them set up a stage, create a script, and practice their routine. Let them be free to create the entire play as writing and performing plays are a wonderful way for children to express themselves and have fun! Hey, you might even discover that your child could be the next Broadway star!

Please remember, all of these activities are designed to be fun and encouraging. Get as creative as possible and enjoy every moment of it. Making memories like these can last a lifetime! Have a wonderful holiday break!