Structured Literacy: Language is Key

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August 30, 2022
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November 9, 2022

Structured Literacy: Language is Key

Structured literacy

What is Structured Literacy?

Structured Literacy approaches are highly explicit and systematic, teaching all components of literacy. These components include foundational skills as well as higher order literacy skills. Structured literacy approaches also emphasize oral language skills that are necessary for literacy development.

Targeted Components of Structured Literacy Programs:

  • Decoding
  • Encoding
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Oral language

Language is Key

Structured literacy programs can effectively remediate reading and spelling deficiencies. Most reading disorders originate with language processing weaknesses. A structured literacy approach targets all parts of language and teaches oral and written language skills in an explicit, systematic manner. The components and methods of a structured literacy program are life changing for students with disabilities such as dyslexia or dysgraphia.

Benefits of Structured Literacy Programs

Explicit Instruction

  • Direct and clear explanations are provided for each concept, providing guided practice.
  • Instruction features routines that aid in retention.

Systematic and Cumulative

  • Each language concept is presented systematically
  • Each concept supports and builds on another.

Hands-on, Engaging, and Multimodal

  • Hands-on learning in a multi-sensory fashion.
  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are often paired with one another.

Diagnostic and Responsive

  • Student response and mastery are used to adjust the pace, presentation, and amount of practice presented.
  • Progress is monitored through observation and normed assessments.

Many schools do not provide teachers with systematic, structured literacy programs and the instructional reading programs provided are not commonly explicit or systematically teaching important foundational literacy skills. If your child has dyslexia or any type of language disorder, using a structured literacy program, that is multisensory in nature, is the most effective way to develop their reading, writing, and spelling skills.

Here at Jamie The Tutor, our structured literacy programs are multisensory and based upon Orton-Gillingham methodologies.  Check out our Orton-Gillingham page to learn more about structured literacy programs and how they can help any struggling learner.