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Back to School Prep

back to school advice

School is going to be back in session in a couple of weeks and now is the time to start preparing for another school year ahead. Even though our days are longer with the sun shining upon us, we need to start moving into school mode to be prepared on time.

Six Tips for Preparing your Child for Back to School

We have made a list of 6 wonderful tips to ensure a smooth and successful school year to come!

  1. Get Organized: Getting organized is crucial for a successful school year. Start by getting supplies, creating working or learning space in your home for homework, projects and study time is a great way to set your child up for success for a bright school year ahead.
  2. Set Boundaries: Setting boundaries is important so your child understands the type of support you can provide to them during the school year. Explaining to them what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them creates great structure without any miscommunications or misunderstandings.
  3. Communicate with teachers: Communicating with your child’s teacher or teachers and establishing a connection with them is great, especially if your child has specific needs or accommodations that need to be met for a successful school year.
  4. Settle into Routines: Settling into routines such as setting specific times for homework, screen time, dinner, and bedtime creates the necessary structure and stability that your child requires so they are attentive during the day at school.
  5. Schedule Family time: Having set scheduled family time creates a more positive atmosphere for your child. Having fun activities lined up on evening and weekends, such as game night, movie night, or biking can provide the relaxation and sense of connection that leads to better focus during the school day.
  6. Address children’s concerns: Addressing any concerns your child may have about school, including academics and social situations is very important. Giving your child a safe place to express themselves and having an open line of communication will lead to less stressful situations for them during the school year.

By following these wonderful preparation tips, your child will be in great shape and have a wonderful and prosperous school year ahead. Lastly, try and stay calm and relaxed and your child will surely be excited and ready to work hard and diligently. Good luck to you all!

Back to School Checklist

Jamie The Tutor has put together an easy to use downloadable Back to School Checklist. Sometimes in the rush you can miss a few important basics. Use this list to help take the stress out of the back to school season: