Zofia’s Sensory Spin

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July 12, 2022
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August 30, 2022

Zofia’s Sensory Spin

Miss Jess and Zofia on Multisensory Reading

Every one of our students has something wonderful to share with the world. Zofia is one of those students! If you don’t know who Zofia is, Zofia is one of our wonderful students at Jamie the Tutor who happens to have her own Youtube channel! That’s right, Zofia is a Youtube star!

She is an entrepreneur, actress, and public speaker. She is a hard worker and has broken so many barriers in her life, that she has already accomplished so much. Zofia loves everything and anything multisensory, which is probably why her Youtube channel is Zofia’s Sensory Spin and her favorite reading strategy is finger tapping.

Recently, our Ms. Jess was featured on Zofia’s channel, where they explored five multi-sensory activities and their benefits. In return, we had the honor of having Ms. Jess interview Zofia about her reading and other fun things.

Check out our interview below featuring Zofia and Ms. Jess, who not only have fun working on reading together but also making these videos. View More at Zofia’s Sensory Spin channel on YouTube.

Multisensory Reading Q&A Session with Zofia from Zofia's Sensory Spin and Miss Jess from JTT