Dyslexie: A font designed to help people with dyslexia.

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February 24, 2020
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March 22, 2020

Dyslexie: A font designed to help people with dyslexia.

Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with Dyslexie.

Dyslexia can make it difficult for readers to distinguish between similar letter, such a ‘b’ and ‘d’ which can lead to confusion, apprehension or worse. Many techniques and tools have been developed over the years to help but one group has come up with a simple but powerful tool.

Dyslexie, a font made specifically for readers with Dyslexia, offers uniquely shaped letters and spacing that through study has been shown to make reading easier, resulting in less confusion, faster reading and better comprehension.

Though Dyslexie is a paid font, but the price is reasonable if you think you have a reader in your life that could benefit from an easier to read font. To learn more about dyslexie, visit their website: https://www.dyslexiefont.com